January 2019

Published: 31 January 2019

Due to the weather and S3 parents evening running club will not be on today. It will return next Thursday.

Published: 30 January 2019

A great way to cut down on unnecessary packaging is to bring your own lunch to school! It's no secret that our school canteen uses polystyrene take away containers which are terrible for the environment. These can't be recycled and sadly they end up in landfill. BUT if you pack your lunch for school in your own tupperware containers, you can avoid this waste. Alternatively, bring your own tupperware to the canteen for your food to be put in it. We can cut down on the rubbish generated by our school if we just think ahead!

Published: 30 January 2019

The Leavers' Dance Committee met with the Eskmills last night and can now confirm the following timings :

1. The coach will leave the front of school at 6pm sharp. If you are not on the coach by then the bus will leave without you.

2. Please arrive from 5:30pm to ensure we can get everyone on the bus and leave for 6pm. Please also be prepared for your bags to be searched.

3. Anyone not coming on the coach but still attending the meal should arrive at the venue no later than 6:30pm

4. Evening guests are invited to arrive from 9pm onwards

The attached document is a reminder of the school's Alcohol Policy, please ensure that you are familiar with it prior to attending Leavers.

Finally, please remember that the coach will not bring people back to Haddington so your own transport should be organised in advance.

Published: 29 January 2019

From this Monday morning there will be 15 minute Mindfulness sessions starting in Music room 2 with Mrs Loughrey at 08:10.

Mindfulness is a way of knowing directly what is going on inside and outside ourselves, moment by moment.

It had been proven to reduce stress levels and increase overall well-being.

Do not worry if you have never done it before- come along on Monday and have a go.

Published: 28 January 2019

Can all those that are running the cross country event please come straight to PE instead of registration on Wednesday morning as the bus is leaving sharp.

Please ensure you have warm clothing, as the temperature is very low. You must also have school uniform to change into after the event. You will be back by lunch time but please bring a snack and water with you.


Published: 25 January 2019

On Thursday 24th January all S1 pupils were given an information letter to take home about a suspended timetable event in May (known as Activities Week).  All S1 are invited to spend 3 days out of school doing various activities but must follow the instructions on the letter.  If any pupil was absent or has lost the letter please go to the MAIN SCHOOL office to collect one - information can also be found in the ACTIVITIES WEEK section of the school website.

Published: 24 January 2019

Those pupils that wish to do a practice run ahead of Wednesday's event, please meet Miss Borwick in PE on Tuesday at 4pm. This will take roughly 45 minutes and will take place out on the back fields. Please bring warm clothing.

Published: 24 January 2019

At ScottishPower, we are focused on playing our part - creating a cleaner, more affordable and more secure energy supply for the UK. However, we can’t do this unless we have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

With energy skills in high demand, we grow our own fresh talent and are delighted that we can offer exciting opportunities through our Early Careers Programmes - the application process for our programmes is from December to February.

Please click here for further information and application details.

Published: 24 January 2019

Here, at Arthur McKay, we currently offer apprenticeships in Electrical Installation, Heating & Ventilation , Plumbing, Data Cabling and Service & Maintenance.

We believe that a structured apprentice programme is paramount in helping you achieve your qualifications.

To support your development, Arthur McKay has put together a programme that provides you the structure and guidance you need to ensure you get the most out of your training and development.

Please click here for further information and to apply. 

Published: 24 January 2019

As an apprentice at Scottish Water you’ll be joining one of Scotland’s most critical businesses and be part of the team who deliver essential water and waste water services to the people of Scotland.

We’re passionate about developing our people and we’ll help you make the most of your skills and abilities with first-class training, support, hands-on work experience and a huge investment in your development. You’ll have the chance to challenge and stretch yourself and build opportunities for your future as your career grows and develops. We’re a team that respects and values peoples’ differences, where you can be yourself - and where you can flourish.

As part of our commitment to talent development we are now accepting applications for you to join as a Water Network Service Operator Modern Apprentice based in the Edinburgh area.   

We’re looking for people who are self-motivated, team players who enjoy being outdoors. You should be practical, well organised and a good problem solver with a positive attitude and the ability to work on your own initiative. You’ll have five National 4 or 5 Qualifications (English, Maths and Science are advantageous but not essential) and a full UK driving licence (or currently be working to achieve this).

If you’re interested in starting your career in the water industry as an apprentice, we’d love to hear from you!

Please click here for further information and to apply for the post.


Published: 23 January 2019

Every year, thousands of pounds of clothing make their way to landfills? Why? Because we buy more clothes than we actually need and more clothes than we actually wear. Think about your own wardrobe - do you wear most of your clothes regularly? Do you have items of clothing buried in the depths of your closet and drawers that you've completely forgotten about? Statistically, people in Britain wear just 70% of the clothes they have stored away in their wardrobes, which leaves us with a total of 1.7 billion unused items!

So the next time you think you need new clothes, dive into your wardrobe first. If you have extra clothes, donate them to charity shops rather than throwing them into landfill. Ultimately, only buy items you really need and preferably buy them from second-hand! Let's reduce the impact that fashion has on our environment!


Published: 22 January 2019

The next meeting for pupils shadowing the Teenage Book Prize will be in the Library at interval, this Friday, 25th January. We will be discussing The Extinction Trials. To hear Susan discuss her book and read from a chapter please click here

Published: 22 January 2019

What will cities look like in 2050? How will they be powered to be vibrant, healthy and clean places to live? That’s the question put to students aged 11-14 by The Bright Ideas Challenge.  Watch the first video on this page and if you are interested in forming a team to enter the challenge then come to Mr Taylor's room (T1.10) on Thursday lunchtime at 13:30 for more information.  There are individual and school prizes for the winning entries as well as trip to London.

Published: 22 January 2019

Please can all those that are helping with the P4 event on Thursday attend a meeting at 1.30pm today (Wednesday) in the small gym. You will be given all the necessary information.

Published: 22 January 2019

To everyone who is part of the S3 Sports Leadership Team, there is a meeting Wednesday 23rd January 2019 at 1:30pm in P.E. about the P4 festival on Thursday.

Published: 22 January 2019

Law Society of Scotland is committed to delivering careers advice on law and complementing the work of other organisations which help young people make informed career choices. They ensure young people receive accurate and up to date advice on legal careers by hosting national careers events.

The 2019 calendar of events:

Thursday 21st February 2019 - (10am - 3pm approx), CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang, 1 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 1AP

Monday 25th February 2019 - (10am - 3.30pm approx), The Law Society of Scotland, Atria One, 144 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8EX

Tuesday 26th March 2019 - (10am - 3.30pm approx), Robert Gordon University, Faculty of Health and Social Care, Garthdee Road, Aberdeen, AB10 7QG

Thursday 21st March 2019 - (10am - 3.30pm approx), Thorntons Law LLP, 33 Yeoman Shore, Dundee, DD1 4BJ

Please see your Guidance Teacher or Mr Flood if you wish to attend any of these events as registration must come from a teacher/careers adviser on a school email address.

You can find other information from Law Society's Web Based Resources, which can assist on you on your career pathway in law.

Published: 21 January 2019

Girls' rugby will resume this week on Wednesday at the rugby club. Please arrive and be ready for 4.15pm. This will run from 4.15pm-5.15pm.

Published: 21 January 2019

A few reminders from the Eco-Committee!

1. We're still collecting empty make-up packaging! There's still plenty of space left in our Terracycle Zero Waste box. We'll accept lip balm/gloss tubes, mascara tubes, eye liner pencils, eye liner cases, eye shadow containers and palettes, concealer tubes, foundation tubes, and lotion tubes. Please bring them to Miss Laudi's class when you have them!

2. We're still looking for donations of clean and empty spray bottles from household cleaners. If you finish any window sprays or all-surface cleaners, please rinse the spray bottles out and bring them in to Miss Laudi's class. Please include the spray nozzle - we need this too!

3. We're also collecting empty spray bottles from body sprays. The lid MUST be removable and we want the spray nozzle included. Again, bring them in to Miss Laudi's class!

Thank you for the donations so far!

Published: 21 January 2019

The Sutton Trust Summer School at the University of St Andrews is held each year in order to give pupils in S5 the chance to experience a week in the life of a university student. It has been proved that this experience, aimed at pupils who fulfil most of the criteria set out in the information material, is of great benefit when applying to competitive universities.

The residential week includes study within academic areas of interest, social activities and advice on UCAS related topics. The week is free of charge and pupils are only required to bring spending money for their personal use.

The Summer School for 2019 will be held from 30th June to 5th July.

Applications are open until 28th February 2019. Pupils are encouraged to apply early. Further information can be found online and at Sutton Trust.

Published: 21 January 2019

Careers in medicine, dentistry and veterinary require lifelong-learning and continuous professional development. Medic Mentor's Study Guide is produced by Dr Lauren Quinn and her team of scholars, to help you keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date.

Dr Quinn will be discussing the Study Guide answers on the 5th February. Your students can watch the webinar on YouTube, and ask questions live for her to answer.

To sign up for updates and to download the study guide click here.

Published: 21 January 2019

The latest newsletter of employment and training opportunities from East Lothian Works includes:

NHS - Modern Apprenticeships

enjoyleisure - Leisure Assistant posts

Greggs - Team Member

East Lothian Council - Paid Work Experience

for details on posts and how to apply click here.

Published: 21 January 2019

Please could a member of the Leavers Dance committee come to speak to Miss McBride asap, there has been a change to our meeting at Eskmills next week.

Published: 21 January 2019

This is a reminder that the next instatement of £100.00 is due for the Paris & PGL trips by the 31 January 2019. Following this there will be 1 more payment of £100.00 & a final payment of £150.00 to be paid by the end of March. If you are having any issues with payments please speak to the trip leader asap (Mr Redford or Miss McBride).

Published: 21 January 2019

REMINDER: there are many outstanding cross country PC1 and permission forms still to be returned. These must be handed in by tomorrow (Tuesday) at the latest.

Published: 17 January 2019

The next meeting for all pupils shadowing the Teenage Book Award is break-time, Friday 18th January in the Library, We will be discussing Farewell Tour of a Terminal Optimist, and collecting copies of The Extinction Trials.


Published: 17 January 2019

Saturday 16 February at Edinburgh Zoo. All information is in the attached flyer.

Published: 17 January 2019

Apologies, but Running Club will NOT be on tonight, rather returning next week. Apologies again, and hopefully we will see you then.

Published: 16 January 2019

Just a reminder that running club is back on tomorrow at 4pm outside the P.E classroom.

Published: 15 January 2019

Yoga will take place for staff and pupils on Thursday at 8 am in the Drama studio.

All welcome!

Published: 15 January 2019

In the weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays the Computing Department introduced the new Cyber Discovery program to all pupils from S3-S6.

This following pupils have passed the initial online assessment test and will now be able to access the next round of the competition where they have the opportunity to be one of 6000 students who will be invited to take part in real world cyber security challenges.


S3 S4 S5

Jenny O’Connell

Hamish Allan

Reuben Phoenix-Hill

Ryan Baikie

Matthew Litster

Dexter Finlayson

Euan Murray

Anna Munro

Heather Mackinnon

Jack Carroll Robertson

Josh Morgan

Kaci Smith

Thomas Collins

Mia Braid

Matthew Morrison

Nicole Taylor

Nina Liddle

  • Benjamin Matthews
  • Charlie Gates
  • Joshua Halliday
  • James Cameron
  • Louise Allen
  • Paul Vernon
  • Samuel Stewart
  • Andrew Haston
Jessica Thomson

Congratulations to you all!

Mr McSwan & Mrs Stewart


Published: 15 January 2019

This one is a simple tip: turn off the water when you don't need it! This is especially important when brushing your teeth! There's absolutely NO use in letting the water run while you scrub your pearly whites! Only turn on the tap when you actually need it - it's that simple! Remember that fresh and clean drinking water is a finite resource and we really should value it!

Published: 15 January 2019

There will be a short meeting at break time today in Mr Redford's room for all pupils who are going on the PGL Water Sports trip this year. Please ensure you attend as important information will be handed out.

Mr Redford

Published: 14 January 2019

The latest newsletter of employment and training opportunities from East Lothian Works can be viewed here.

Published: 14 January 2019

Any S6 Paired Reading volunteers are reminded that Paired Reading restarts this week. Please can you let us know if you are unable to attend as the support your providing is vital and it is important we let class teachers know if pupils will be in class and not out at Paired Reading.


Furthermore, we are looking for someone who would like to be involved in Paired Reading on a Tuesday period 2. If you are interested please speak to Miss McBride.

Published: 14 January 2019


Please attend in-class sessions at the following times:

  • Period 1 - S1
  • Period 2 - S2
  • Period 3 - S3
  • Period 4 - Girls
Published: 14 January 2019

REMINDER: All those interested in representing the school at the East Lothian Cross Country Championships on Wednesday 30th January, please obtain a form from PE, or return your completed form ASAP.

Published: 14 January 2019

Can all S1-S3 pupils that have signed up to play in the fixture against Ross High on Wednesday, please attend a short meeting during lunch at 1.30pm today (Monday) in the small game.

REMINDER: No seniors netball this week due to the junior fixture.

Published: 11 January 2019

Pupils following certificated PE have to get practical grades in 2 different activities (except Advanced Higher).  These performances must be done under pressure, in a competitive environment.  In order to give pupils the best opportunity to get their grades Knox PE department run 2 'one off performance' days.  The dates of these days should be put in your diary as pupils will need to attend BOTH dates!

  • Performance Day 1 - 6th February 2019
  • Performance Day 2 - 13th March 2019
Published: 11 January 2019

On the 24 January from 5 - 9pm Sophia Grace in Haddington will be hosting their Prom Event to showcase their latest globally sourced prom gown collection - no appointment necessary. There will be up to 50% off sample dresses on the night and 10% off new collection when you book an appointment on the night.

In addition to this, when you purchase a gown from Sophia Grace they will ensure they do not sell the same gown to another girl attending the prom on the same date.

Flyers available from the office.

Published: 10 January 2019

The Royal Society of Edinburgh work in partnership with various universities around Scotland to organise a set of Science and Technology Masterclasses to conduct science experiments with S1 and S2 students.  One such masterclass will take place at Queen Margaret University.  Dates have still to be confirmed but likely to be in April and May.

The sessions are intended to give young people who have shown an interest in science and technology the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience. The sessions promote participation and provide the students with a unique insight into academic life and research. At these Masterclasses, students get up to all sorts of science and technology mischief!

To try to give the RSE an idea of numbers they have asked for "Registration of interest" forms to be returned by email or post. 

We are in the process of speaking to S1 and S2 classes just now to highlight the masterclasses which take place over a number of Saturdays.  The classes are free but parents/carers are expected to provide transport on each day.

Full details have not been released yet but here is a link to information for the 2017 event at QMU. Please note that this link may disappear or be replaced if the new details become available.  Also please don't complete the Application form on the RSE site if it still refers to 2017.

If you are interested in the event the pupils can either ask their science teacher for a Registration of Interest Form or one can be down loaded here. Parents/carers should then send in the form to the address on the form.

I would be grateful if anyone does register an interest that their child lets their science teacher know or you email the school to let me know.


J Taylor - PT Science

Published: 10 January 2019

Tonight (Thursday 10 January 2019) we are holding our annual Careers Evening - perfect timing when you are starting to make decisions about what Courses you will take next year. We have over 30 stalls and you can take the opportunity to learn more about that job, industry and how you can get 'into' it.

We have everything ... from the Construction Industry to Dentistry, Lawyers to Vet and Vet Nurses. If it's Games Design/ AI you fancy, Financial Services or the RAF then you'll find them there too and much more!

Last year was very popular so if you are in S1-3 come between 6-7pm and if you are S4-6 then it's 7-8pm.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Published: 10 January 2019

One of the easiest things you can try doing this year is saying NO to straws! If you don't need a straw, don't take one! All too often, we take a straw, use it for a few minutes, and throw it in a bin. What a waste! It may only look like a small piece of plastic, but they still impact landfill waste and water pollution. A few stats...

  1. It takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose and they can't be recycled in most places.

  2. Plastic straws are the 11th most found ocean trash.

  3. Americans use about 500 million straws daily. That's enough straws to circle the Earth 2.5 times!

  4. Each year, 1 million sea birds and 100 000 marine animals die from ingesting plastic.

Those stats are pretty shocking so do your part and refuse straws!

Published: 09 January 2019

Can all Pupil Librarians please attend a meeting on Friday at interval. Feel free to bring your snack however please be there as sharp as possible.

Published: 09 January 2019

If you would be interested in a trip to watch the Strathclyde Sirens play in Glasgow on Mon 1st April 2019, can you please come to PE today (Thursday) to collect an information letter.

Published: 09 January 2019

If you did not attend training last night (Wednesday) but wish to be considered for the fixture against Ross High next Wednesday, can you please come to PE during today (Thursday) to register your interest. The game will be straight after school @ Knox - finishing at 5.30pm

Published: 09 January 2019

Running club will not resume tomorrow, rather starting on 17 January at the usual time and location.

Published: 09 January 2019

Overdue pen portraits MUST be handed in ASAP.

Also a reminder that payments for yearbook are due by the 21 January 2019, this must be done by this date and no later. 

S6 Yearbook Committee

Published: 09 January 2019

Fresh Student Living are based in Glasgow. They are located a five minute walk away from Strathclyde University, Glasgow Caledonian University and The City of Glasgow College and have students of all different backgrounds staying with them.

They are inviting 5th/6th students to visit them at Foundry Courtyard to have a look around the building, speak to current students from Strathclyde, Glasgow Caledonian University and The City of Glasgow College and learn all about what student life has to offer and what to expect moving away for the first time. A live Q and A one afternoon will show students what to expect from university accommodation and tips and tricks they think will help any students moving away from home for the first time.

If you want more information about the services they offer please, contact on 0141 375 9969 or via their website

Their open days this year will be held on:

Saturday 19th January 10am-4pm, Monday 28th 12pm-6pm, Tuesday 26th February 11am-5pm, Monday 11th March 10am-4pm, Wednesday 17th March 8am- 2pm, Tuesday 9th April 12pm-6pm, Thursday 25th April 9am-3pm, Wednesday 15th May 10am-4pm, Friday 31st May 12pm-6pm, Saturday 1st June 10am-4pm, Monday 17th June 11am-5pm, Saturday 19th June 10am-4pm, Wednesday 10th July 12pm-6pm, Sunday 28th July 10am-4pm, Monday 5th August 8am-2pm, Saturday 17th August 10am-4pm, Wednesday 21st August 12pm-6pm, Thursday 29th August 11am-5pm.

Published: 09 January 2019

Clyde Marine Training has provided training for the Merchant Navy for the last 30 years. 

They offer the following main benefits to your training:

Fully paid tuition with a place a one of the UK's most respected nautical colleges

Combined classroom-based teaching with hands-on learning on board vessels

Sponsorship payment of up to £175 per week

Real responsibility at an early age on board technologically advanced vessels

Access to a highly paid career at sea

Transferable skills placing you in high demand in sea and shore based positions worldwide.

To find out more information on available routes, please click on the positions below

Deck Officer Cadetship   Engineering Officer Cadetship   Electro-Technical Cadetship



Published: 09 January 2019

East Lothian Cross Country Event 2019

The Cross Country running event takes place at Foxlake this year on 30th January 2019.  There is a race for all year groups and we will be out of school for the whole morning competing. 

We are looking for keen runners who are happy to run in all weather conditions to represent Knox against the other secondary schools in East Lothian.  If this is you - please attend a short meeting in the small gym Thursday 10th at the start of BREAK TIME