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Letters in the Last Month

Published: Tue 11 May 2021

The following statement was released by The National Qualifications 2021 Group on Monday 10 May 2021.  It is appreciated that you may have concerns regarding the levels of disruption to your learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effects this will have on gathering the evidence that your teachers or lecturers need to determine provisional results for National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher.

Flexibility in gathering learner evidence

Provisional results in 2021 will be based on teachers and lecturers using assessment evidence of your knowledge, skills and understanding of the course. For teachers and lecturers to do this, you will need to complete tests or assessments set by your school, college or training provider.

The key difference between the formal SQA exam diet, which was cancelled for 2021, and the assessments that you will take in your school, college or training provider is the flexibility around how and when assessments take place. This means that, as far as possible, there should be maximum opportunity for you to complete the required learning and be given the best chance to succeed in your course assessments. See below for more information about what to do if you feel this is not the case for you.

The flexibility available to teachers and lecturers this year means that the opportunities for gathering evidence do not need to be based on a single assessment. Schools, colleges and training providers are being encouraged to make use of this flexibility in gathering the right quality of assessment evidence that shows your knowledge, skills and understanding of your course.

Schools, colleges and training providers also need to provide additional assessment arrangements, as they would under normal circumstances, for those learners who are disabled or have identified additional support needs.

If you need any additional assessment arrangements, and do not feel they are being provided to you, or you feel that your opportunity for generating evidence is being restricted please speak to your teacher or lecturer in the first instance. Schools, colleges and training providers have established processes in place and will advise you on what to do should you remain unhappy with the outcome of those discussions. This may include, for example, at a later stage, further discussion with your headteacher/centre manager or engagement with other local processes beyond the centre, if necessary.

Summary of steps taken to address disruption to learning

A number of steps have been taken to support teachers and lecturers and to help ensure as many learners as possible can generate the assessment evidence required to decide their provisional results. This includes:

  • removing assignments and reducing content in many National Courses
  • giving schools, colleges and training providers more time to submit your provisional results
  • enhancing the e-Sgoil E-learning offer to support learners who for a variety of reasons have experienced extreme disruption to their learning
  • offering a small number of learners, who have completed their course but who have been unable to complete all the required evidence, the option to receive their Scottish Qualifications Certificate at a later date.

What to do next

If your personal circumstances have resulted in extreme disruption to your learning, including if you are or have been shielding, please speak to your school, college or training provider. As mentioned above, they will have established processes in place and will advise you on the options available to you and what to do should you remain unhappy with the outcome of your discussions. This may include, for example, at a later stage, further discussion with your headteacher/centre manager or engagement with other local processes beyond the centre, if necessary.

To stay up to date on National Qualifications for 2021 visit www.sqa.org.uk/learners

Published: Fri 23 Apr 2021

In recent weeks, all East Lothian secondary schools have collaborated together with Education staff from East Lothian Council to plan key aspects of the shared approach to SQA assessment for this school year. This approach has been used to ensure consistency and high standards in the application of assessment across all East Lothian schools, and to ensure equity for all pupils in the submission of provisional grades to SQA in June. Full details are available in the letter issued from our Depute Head Teacher on Friday 23 April 2021.

Below is a document detailing provisional results and subject assessment weightings -

Published: Tue 20 Apr 2021

I hope that you have managed to enjoy some of the lovely sunny weather over the Easter break. I wanted to write to you to provide a further update as we begin the summer term. We are all really looking forward to welcoming all children and young people back to our schools full-time on 20 April 2021. With infection rates of Covid-19 continuing to fall nationally, the reopening of schools to all learners feels like a positive step for all of us.

While schools remain safe, Scottish Government guidance is clear that there are measures that must be in place to continue to suppress transmission of the virus. Many of these measures will be familiar to you and your child, especially for those learners who had already returned to school before Easter. Children who are shielding have been advised to stay at home until 26 April 2021.

Lesley Brown, Executive Director Education and Children’s Services has written to all parents/carers detailing information on:

  • General Procedures within Primary/Secondary Schools
  • Ventilation
  • Reporting cases of COVID-19
  • Home to School Transport
  • Senior Phases and Transitions
Published: Sat 17 Apr 2021

East Lothian Council provide free home to school (HTS) transport for pupils who live more than two miles away from their local primary or secondary school.

New arrangements have been put in place from 20 April 2021 to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all passengers, drivers and escorts. These arrangements apply whether you travel on a contracted route, public service using a smart card, or in a taxi. Transport provision has reverted to August 2020 system. Additional buses are in operation as primary and secondary pupils can no longer share transport, even if they are from the same family group. Bus times may also have changed and for some secondary schools buses are doing double runs to account for the 1m social distancing restraint on capacity.

Archive Letters

Published: Thu 1 Apr 2021

What is a provisional grade? Provisional grades are the grades we will submit to SQA on 25 June, based on all of the ‘demonstrated attainment’ evidence we have for each pupil. These grades will only become final grades once the SQA has confirmed them and these will be the grades that each candidate receives on their SQA certificate on Tuesday 10 August 2021. Full details are available in document issued on Thursday 1 April 2021 from our Head Teacher.

Published: Wed 31 Mar 2021

If your child / young person tests positive for Covid-19 during the holiday period please email the details to covidinschools@eastlothian.gov.uk

Only if you have no access to email then call East Lothian Council on 01875 613921


Published: Mon 29 Mar 2021

It is nice to be able to communicate exceptionally positive news at the end of a long and challenging term for staff, pupils and parents alike. We are very much looking forward to welcoming all of our young people back to full-time schooling on Tuesday 20 April 2021, following the Easter break. The First Minister will confirm this on Tuesday 6 April 2021 based on the continued suppression of the virus. The full return to school will be welcome news to all of our school community, and for once, during this pandemic, it finally feels like we are getting back to some level of normality that will be longer lasting with the reduced transmission rates and the roll out of the vaccine. I am sure, as I said at Parent Council last week, we are all glad to see school/education return to our young people’s lives, and that, coupled with the anticipation of being able to see our families and friends again, life is feeling much more positive again. The improving weather and longer days will, I am sure, also help to support everyone’s mental health and wellbeing. Full details are available in the letter issued on Monday 29 March 2021 from our Head Teacher.

Published: Mon 29 Mar 2021

Thank you for your continued efforts to facilitate the safe return to school for your child/ children. The measures your school has in place, and the guidance provided by the Scottish Government when your child/children are not in school, are vital for continuing to protect children, staff and you, as parents/carers. Everything you do to follow these measures, will keep the spread of the virus down, and help to ensure the smooth and full reopening of schools. Full details are available in the letter issued from NHS Lothian on Monday 29 March 2021.