As you may already have heard, Young Scot are working with Scottish Youth Parliament and YouthLink Scotland on a second full version of the Lockdown Lowdown survey.

The latest version of our #LockdownLowdown survey is asking 11-25-year-olds how they feel about their lives as lockdown restrictions change. The Scottish Government commissioned the survey, and they will use the results to shape their response to COVID-19.

In April, East Lothian young people submitted 94 responses to the first full survey, from a total of 2,418 across Scotland.  It would be great to get more young people from all across Scotland and from the widest possible range of communities  to complete it this time around to ensure that the results paint the full picture.
As one of the most impacted groups, it's essential that young people have their voices heard. Young people and their friends can also earn Young Scot Rewards points for sharing their opinions.