Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to invite you into the school, and therefore we are trialling virtual parents’ evenings via GoogleMeet.  GoogleMeets are secure on-line video meetings through Google accounts (within East Lothian Council, Google accounts are our Edubuzz system).

The class teacher will arrange appointment times during lesson time just as in previous years; the class teacher will then set up a 1:1 meeting through the pupil’s Edubuzz account.  This will appear as a meeting in their Edubuzz calendar and a link will be sent to their email inbox. We are confident that the majority of our pupils are highly skilled in how to manage these meetings following use over lockdown last term, but we will be providing individual support where required.  We expect that parents and careers will join their young person beside the connected device to have a discussion about learning and progress in individual subject areas. For confidentiality reasons, we will not be adding parent email addresses to the meeting, and expect that you will join your young person for the meeting.

Full details of the arrangements can be found in the letter from Mrs Clubb (Depute Head Teacher)