Over the next few weeks S1 Learning Conversations will take place.

In the Mathematics Department we will issue each learner with an updated Assessment Profile (example here, previously issued before Christmas) and a Learning Journey grid. The Assessment Profile will include information on progress so far and details of how you can support your young person.

Here is our plea:

Home-School partnership is crucial to raising attainment and we really need your help so please keep encouraging your young person to work through their Learning Journey grids and sign each block when you have checked their work. 

The electronic copy of the Learning Journey (with links to video tutorials and exercises) will be on Show My Homework but can also be accessed here.

Learning Conversations and Targets are often seen as "one off  things" that are not returned to. Assessment Profiles and Learning Journeys (alongside weekly Curriculum Quizzes and Mathletics tasks) are our attempt at:

  • helping our learners realise the power of regular retrieval practice;
  • knowing where they 'are' with their learning ;
  • progressing their learning with effective revision (not everyone knows how to revise Maths/ know where to begin); and
  • developing good study habits.