Starting on Tuesday 19 May 2020, the new S2-S6, will also follow a Remote Learning Timetable based on their learner pathway choices and may have some new teachers in their Google Classrooms.

The school will be in touch soon (by email) with all learners in S3-S6 to remind them of their subject choices in readiness for their new timetable so they are sure of the subjects they should be studying.  The timetable each day has been based around 3 hours 45 minutes of study, or 5 blocks of 45 minutes, as in the feedback from pupils and parents/carers this was highlighted as the optimum amount of remote learning most young people were able to access in a day and commit to on a regular basis, and for those sharing IT resources, allowed a school day to be ‘shared’.

If young people wish to do more than this they can, and there will be extension tasks and research projects they can undertake and they should discuss this with their teachers to ensure it is pertinent to them.

Remote Learning Timetable (PDF)