Beginning this Wednesday (10 March 2021) and continuing weekly, a series of live Google Meets will be hosted by our different specialist teachers, so P7s can see the classrooms and teachers in a safe and interactive way. As they have not been able to come up to the school as per tradition, the Knox Academy Pupil Learning Team have arranged for these sessions in collaboration with teachers from faculties including English, Modern Languages, Humanities and Social Subjects, Expressive Arts, Health & Wellbeing and the Sciences. The classes will include scientific experiments, performances from older pupils, quizzes, games and general overviews of courses and school life. 

After speaking with last year's P7s, the general consensus was that they would have felt more comfortable when starting S1 if they had had something like this before moving up. This experience will enable the pupils to get involved in a fun, interactive way and will provide them the opportunity to ask any questions that they have. 

In order to facilitate these events a Google Classroom has been created for all of the P7 pupils. The Knox Academy teacher who is running the session on Wednesday will post an introduction on the Classroom at the beginning of the week with their name, their subject and the time they will be live. They may have extra requests for the pupils, so these notices are very important!

IMPORTANT - As the attendance limit for each meet is 100 people, there will be two back to back Meets because the number of P7s exceeds this! The first Meet will be for Haddington Primary School and the second Meet will be for all other P7s, including Yester PS, St Mary’s PS, Letham Mains PS and any pupils from outside the catchment area. 

This will be an invaluable experience for your child making the transition to Knox and we want these meets to be accessible as possible. If you are unable to access the joining code from P7 staff or you have any questions, please contact the organising members of the Pupil Learning Team. You can reach us through the following emails:

For any transition queries unrelated to these events, please email admin@knox.elcschool.org.uk