It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable first week for me at Meadowpark.  I’ve been completely bowled over by the very warm welcome from the young people and staff team, and I’m very grateful to them all for the help they’ve given me this week in “finding my feet”.  I’m particularly grateful to be reconnecting with one young person from my recent past who has helped me feel right at home.

I’m looking forward to a time when I can welcome our Meadowpark parents and carers into school in person but it is looking like that is going to be a little way off in the strange future that we are facing. Instead, I’ll look at how we can do something soon via those lovely virtual meeting platforms that we have all grown to love…..

Under Ms Prime’s leadership, Meadowpark has grown into a caring and stimulating provision, and I’m thrilled to be in a position to continue her hard work.   I’m picking up the reins of some very exciting and creative community partnership projects including the extremely worthwhile community kitchen growing project, the new sensory garden, and the amazing 12guitars project.  I’m a better drummer than guitarist, a better guitarist than gardener and a better gardener than cook so I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot of new skills by being involved in all of these projects. Needless to say, the Meadowpark young people will be much better than me at everything!

I know that Ms Prime was a Twitter wiz, but I am afraid I am definitely not.  I am, however, booked in for a Twitter lesson by my Twitter wiz wife so I’m hoping that you will continue see lots of exciting news from as soon as I master #hashbrowns (or something like that).

Best wishes for a safe and happy weekend,

Mr Johnson