Many S6 Students have been asking what will happen to their Edubuzz account and data over the coming months.

Normal practice is to email all S6 Students in the summer to tell them their accounts will be closed down during the October break. This is to give students a chance to go through the university clearing process. A second reminder is sent in September, and the accounts are then suspended in October. Shortly after this, the accounts are deleted, but for the Class of 2020 this will not be until Education have assured that it is safe to do so as SQA Evidence may be within the accounts.

The following is action is suggested to retain your data:

  1. Stop directly interacting with your Edubuzz Account and sharing this email address with others
  2. Setup forwarding on your Edubuzz account to be notified of future incoming email and change email addresses on other accounts/services
  3. Download your data with the Google Takeout Service: knox.is/savemyedubuzz
  4. See below for a new option available in addition this year

A new feature now exists which allows you to 'merge' your Edubuzz account with your 'personal' Google account. This has been tried by one member of the Class of 2020 with positive reviews. It will transfer your Google Docs and emails into your own account so you can retain a copy (within the actual account).  If you do this, you should still follow Step 1-3 above. Transfer your data using: knox.is/transfermyedubuzz.  It would be good if you could email a thumbs up if this works for you too!