If you’ve got concerns about a child or young person ‘it’s better to say something than do nothing’ according to a new campaign.

Child Protection Scotland, Barnardo’s Scotland, NSPCC Scotland and Police Scotland worked together on the campaign which is running online. They say:

“As Scotland’s children settle back into the school routine and slowly begin to return to clubs and out-of-school activities, the month-long campaign aims to raise awareness that while lockdown and the pandemic has been hard going for many families and children, it’s been a lot more challenging for some families than others.

“Families who were struggling to cope before the pandemic may have been pushed to crisis point during lockdown, and even the most settled families will have faced new challenges during this time. 

“Some children and young people may have experienced trauma for the first time, and some may have experienced neglect and abuse. This new campaign urges everyone to be alert to signs that all is not well for some children, and to take action if they’re worried that something is wrong.”

Find out what to do if you’re worried about that a child or young person is experiencing neglect, harm, abuse or exploitation at