It is remarkable how well our pupils have coped with remote learning.  Almost seven weeks in to lockdown, most are still engaging very well in our online Google Classrooms. I would like to say a huge thank you to all staff for ensuring relevant tasks and activities are provided, on a weekly basis, to keep our pupils motivated and progressing in their learning. Thank you also to parents/carers for supporting your young person to access work on a regular basis, and also for trying to maintain some sort of routine during this long period of remote schooling (not an easy task when most of you are balancing this with your own working from home too).  Finally, thank you to all our pupils for being part of our Google Classrooms, submitting work and getting feedback, and keeping the links going with your teachers and our school. You’ve all been great and true to our school values of Ambition, Respect and Community (ARC).

Remote Learning

Knox Academy staff have been working hard to ensure that learning can take place while the school is closed whether you have ICT access or not.  For many young people this will be through accessing Google Classroom online but for those young people without ICT access or poor connectivity, hard copy booklets of work will be available for those in S1-S3, at the Hub at Haddington Primary School or Haddington Tesco’s, from the start of next week. There will also be a supply of stationery available in both areas should you require this to complete this work (jotters/pens/pencils).

Our timetable will change on 19 May, and Mr Russell will be in touch shortly regarding new Google Classrooms and course/option choices for those moving up year groups.  However, this hard copy booklet of work is designed to support learning through a variety of activities in the coming weeks, right up until the school summer holidays.  For those going to be working on ICT, a copy of the Remote Learning Timetable is available for your young person to have a look at in advance. For pupils in S3-S6, Mr Russell’s email will provide them with the information needed to complete all their Option Choices as seen in this remote timetable.

We will still be uploading work onto Google Classroom and would encourage all learners to log in as regularly as possible, and ensure that they are in communication with their Pupil Support Leader at least weekly.  Register teachers are also in the process of creating Google Classrooms so look out for these new codes too.

If you are a household accessing the hard copy booklets at present we would be really keen to support you with getting online by arranging a loan of a school Chromebook for your young person. Please email admin@knox.elcschool.org.uk so we can arrange this for you. Thank you. (Mrs Clubb, DHT)

Knox Academy’s Remote Sport’s Day for Pupils

To kick off the final month of term in style, we have opted to change the location and date of Sports Day! This will be our first virtual Sports Day for you all pupils to be involved in! In an effort to bring the Knox Academy community together, virtual Sports Day will provide a series of physical and engaging challenges for pupils and staff which can be completed with minimal equipment, at home!

The challenges will launch on Monday 1 June at 9.00am via the school website and also on each year group’s Google Classroom. Pupils and staff will have until Friday 5 June at 12 noon to submit their results, via Google Forms. Three challenges, alongside instructional videos, will launch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with bonus points allocated to those that submit their challenge results on the day of the challenge launch! Pupils and staff will have the opportunity to contribute to House points during the challenges where they can engage in competitiveness and also represent their House! Please can I ask parents/carers to encourage your young person to get involved and as well as having some fun, contribute to House points too.  Many thanks (Lana Borwick)

VE Day (holiday)

Tomorrow is an additional holiday for the VE Day Commemorations and therefore there will be no online learning taking place. If your young person is looking for a task to do it would be a great history lesson for them to do some research around VE Day and understand its importance.

Stay home, stay safe and stay well and true to Knox Academy’s vision, always be kind. If we can help you in any way then please email us at admin@knox.elcschool.org.uk and we will direct your email to the relevant member of staff who will be best able to support you. Our building may be closed but the school is very much open and our staff are very happy to engage with all of our community and support you as best as we can.

Sue Cook