On Monday 17 May we moved to Coronavirus Level 2 restrictions.  For us at school, there is no change to any of our health and safety measures at this time with the exception of Physical Education and Dance where outdoors contact and non-contact PE is permitted. Group and individual non-contact PE is also permitted indoors

Face-coverings are still required to be worn in classrooms, corridors and all social areas (unless exempt) and when eating/drinking. Pupils have been amazing wearing these but recently there has been an increase in them forgetting to bring their own (preferably material ones) and having to pick the single use face coverings up at the front door or school office (about 150/200 every day). Please can I ask you to encourage your young people to pack their face covering in their bag the night before, like they would with their school equipment. As an Eco School it is important that we promote the use of re-useable face coverings to save our environment rather than handing these out on a daily basis.  This Scottish Government has said that the wearing of face-coverings will be reviewed regularly.

A reminder that pupils are asked to have their break and lunch outdoors – which should be much easier this time with the warmer, drier weather. If it is wet, we have designated areas for pupils to go and all are aware of these arrangements. 


We are delighted to have appointed Stuart Kemp as our new Science Technician. He will start on Monday 21 June 2021.

Parents/Carers Information

School Ethos

Generally relationships have been really strong and respectful since our young people have returned after Easter. There has been a slight increase in mobile phone use in classes and again, I would ask that parents/carers remind their young people that these should be out of sight during classes and in bags. Pupils should definitely be focusing on their face to face teaching and where technology is required, chromebooks will be provided.

Please can I also ask for parental support in regards to uniform.  Pupils are expected to wear school uniform to school every day (no hooded tops/leggings/ripped jeans) and to come to school smartly dressed. A uniform, whilst giving our young people a strong sense of identity with the school, also supports our approaches to inclusion and equity – the uniform being functional and less about being fashionable and expensive.  We understand that in the current climate that it may be difficult financially for some families to provide a uniform for their young person.  We have lots and lots of free uniform at the school, in all sizes, so please do get in touch with Miss Laudi or your young person’s Pupil Support Leader if you would like some. This approach to uniform also supports our Eco-school of re-use and recycle – so if you have uniform that is in great condition and your young person had grown out of, please also hand this in to the office so we can recycle this too. Thank you.

S4/S5/S6 Assessments/Leavers

Although the official leaving date, for our senior pupils who plan to leave us at the end of this year is Friday 4 June, their last day will essentially be the day of their last assessment. We would ask that each leaver collects a leaver’s form from the school office on this day for completion and hand this in at that time. We are currently trying to arrange an outside leavers’ celebration of some kind, particularly for those in S6, which will take place at 12.30, on Friday 4 June, in the quadrant area of the school. More information will follow very soon.

SQA Update – Senior Pupils

SQA released a new statement on Friday for staff, pupils and parents/carers about the National Qualifications. Please do take time to read it as it highlights the process involved in terms of how the school will come to the decision about provisional grades. 

Battle of the Bands

This is a competition run by the Music Department with S2 classes. They are involved in selecting a piece of pop music and tasked with recreating that in their own style, with all in the class being part of the final production of it. Due to Covid restrictions we cannot have a live performance as we would usually do, so all classes are being filmed in their bubbles and a group of judges will then watch these performances and agree a winner. The winning class will feature in our virtual Summer Concert. 

Anti-social behaviour

Parents/carers should have received a copy of the letter on anti-social behaviour written by Lesley Brown, Executive Director of Children’s Services, and Neil Mitchell, Chief Inspector of Police. Please do take time to discuss this with your young person. Thank you.

LFD Test Kits

If you wish your young person to receive a test kit please complete the e-consent form. Pupils over 16 can consent themselves but parents/carers must consent for those under 16 (before any testing kits can be handed out to this age group).

If a pupil tests positive using the LFD test kit, they and their family should self-isolate and the pupil should book a PCR test through the NHS. Other members of the household do not need to book a test unless they are symptomatic. Please also note that if a pupil receives a negative LFD test result, but has possible Covid symptoms, they should book a PCR test and remain at home until they have a negative PCR test result.

LFD test kits for parents/carers/households can now be ordered through NHS Inform if you do not have symptoms. Pupils who have consented should continue to pick these tests up from school. 

Asymptomatic Testing in East Lothian

If you are asymptomatic you can also visit a mobile unit in East Lothian to be tested


Positive Cases: Please report positive cases to the school by phoning us on 01620 823387. Please also report any positive cases to covidinschools@eastlothian.gov.uk or if you do not have access to email, telephone 01875 613921.Thank you.

Please note: Please do not send them if they, or anyone in your household has tested positive or has Covid-19 symptoms – a new continuous cough; fever/high temperature; loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia). Please self-isolate and book a test.

Dates for you diary:

Monday 24 May - Pupils’ holiday (staff in-service)

Tuesday 25 May - In-service day for staff (SQA) – Pupils’ holiday

Monday 7 June - In-service day for staff (SQA) – Pupils’ holiday

Friday 25 June - End of term

Thank you for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend.

Sue Cook

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