The Royal Society of Edinburgh work in partnership with various universities around Scotland to organise a set of Science and Technology Masterclasses to conduct science experiments with S1 and S2 students.  One such masterclass will take place at Queen Margaret University.  Dates have still to be confirmed but likely to be in April and May.

The sessions are intended to give young people who have shown an interest in science and technology the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and experience. The sessions promote participation and provide the students with a unique insight into academic life and research. At these Masterclasses, students get up to all sorts of science and technology mischief!

To try to give the RSE an idea of numbers they have asked for "Registration of interest" forms to be returned by email or post. 

We are in the process of speaking to S1 and S2 classes just now to highlight the masterclasses which take place over a number of Saturdays.  The classes are free but parents/carers are expected to provide transport on each day.

Full details have not been released yet but here is a link to information for the 2017 event at QMU. Please note that this link may disappear or be replaced if the new details become available.  Also please don't complete the Application form on the RSE site if it still refers to 2017.

If you are interested in the event the pupils can either ask their science teacher for a Registration of Interest Form or one can be down loaded here. Parents/carers should then send in the form to the address on the form.

I would be grateful if anyone does register an interest that their child lets their science teacher know or you email the school to let me know.


J Taylor - PT Science