VIRTUAL SPORTS DAY RESULTS in partnership with...

Leisure Time Sports and CrossFit Haddington

A huge thank you to all pupils and staff who took part in this event.  We were overwhelmed by the number of participants and with all the evidence submitted.  Pupils from all over the school including Meadowpark took part and we were very impressed with all of your efforts.  After tallying up all the scores - the point totals are as follows;



Congratulations to Garleton who have won the House Sports Trophy. 


Just for interest - we also totalled the distance/times/repetitions you all managed to complete for your houses.  Pretty impressive - Knox Rocks!

Plank Challenge

  • Garleton 1 Hour, 37 Minutes, 34 Seconds
  • Lammerlaw 1 Hour, 06 Minutes, 21 Seconds
  • Traprain 1 Hour, 42 Minutes, 34 Seconds

Distance Run/Walk Challenge

  • Garleton 281.82 Km
  • Lammerlaw 249.68 Km
  • Traprain 198.89 Km

Wall Sit Challenge

  • Garleton 2 Hours, 03 Minutes, 19 Seconds
  • Lammerlaw 1 Hour, 22 Minutes, 14 Seconds
  • Traprain 1 Hour, 04 Minutes, 40 Seconds

Dizzy Lunges Challenge

  • Garleton 1032 Reps
  • Lammerlaw 743 Reps
  • Traprain 571 Reps

Stork Balance Challenge

  • Garleton 1 Hour, 46 Minutes, 37 Seconds
  • Lammerlaw 52 Minutes, 54 Seconds
  • Traprain 1 Hour, 07 Minutes, 21 Seconds

Sit Up Challenge

  • Garleton 1342 Reps
  • Lammerlaw 686 Reps
  • Traprain 787 Reps
The following pupils have been awarded overall year group winners of the Virtual Sports events.  The majority of them completed all 9 challenges and were consistent in their approaches to each - producing some excellent results.
  • S1 - Isla W
  • S2 - Leila M
  • S3 - Mara P
  • SNR - Amelia H

We were particularly impressed by the motivational quote submitted by Leila M

 “A winner is a dreamer who never gives up” (Nelson Mandela)

On top of these outstanding overall performances we had a few stand out pupils who did particularly well in some but not all of the challenges.  These pupils have been awarded the ‘Special Mention’ prizes.
  • S1 - Freya M - Stork and Wall Sit Challenges
  • S2 - Gustas V - Completed all 9 challenges with a particularly awesome effort in his distance run.
  • S3 - Luke C - Outstanding in all the physical challenges
  • SNR - Ewan Mc - Outstanding in all the physical challenges
Several pupils from Meadowpark took part in the Virtual Challenges with efforts from Haaken C, Matei L and Alister F but one pupil stood out and has been awarded a ‘Special Mention’ prize 
  • SNR - Daniel M.
Finally, we have also awarded prizes to the following pupils for stand out performance in 1 or 2 particular challenges.
  • Robin W -  for best House Colours Picture pose.
  • Iona R - for best Dizzy Lunge evidence and motivational video submission.
Our Staff winners were Mrs Reynolds (English) and Mr Russell (Depute Head). Mrs Reynolds did a fantastic TikTok with Miss Cahoon to put her ahead of Mr Russell as our overall staff winner - but Mr Russell wins our ‘Special Mention’ award for his efforts in all of the physical challenges.


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our award winners.


Thanks again to all who participated - hope you had some fun trying these challenges out.  Stay active folks and stay safe. #Knox4Sport