All PE classes will continue in the classroom for Monday and Tuesday. Practical classes with resume on Wednesday. Please ensure you come prepared for the following changes:

  • Please follow the one way system  - you should only enter PE if it is on your timetable.
  • Change of kit - this includes a change of footwear and if you wish, an additional jumper/rain jacket.
  • All classes will be outdoors - this is due to the current restrictions we are under: please come prepared! *This includes pupils who are unable to take part temporarily too!
  • Registration spots - some of these have changed, make sure you know where you are to go at the beginning of the period.
  • Changing rooms - your teacher has allocated spaces for you to change in, please make sure you know where this is.

We hope that these are only temporary measures but we've done our best to make this as normal as possible!