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Meadowpark News

Published: Fri 27 Nov 2020

At a meeting this week I was hearing all about the work of Venturing Out.  Venturing Out is a Not for Profit Community Interest Company that offers a huge range of activities and experiences for families in East Lothian whose children have additional support needs.

What I particularly like about Venturing Out, is that the team work with the whole family.  In fact, they can also work sometimes with just the parents in order to give some much needed “away time", and to allow parents to gain the skills and experience in certain activities to then be able to support their child confidently when they all take part together.

There’s a whole range of activities available like paddle sports, coasteering, bushcraft and mountain biking.

The Venturing Out website gives all of the details and links to get in touch with them.  Why not have a look?

Another typically busy week here at Meadowpark.

Esk have been learning about plant lifecycles, and went out on Tuesday to learn how to work out the age of a tree as part of their John Muir Award.

I’ve seen more examples of the creativity in Tyne class with some brilliant painted pebble designs (photos next week I promise). 

Clyde have been involved in some very grown up discussions around LGBT issues, and raising some really insightful points.

Leven have been working very hard in literacy and numeracy.  I was especially impressed by their writing on the dangers of plastics for wildlife.

So much great work and learning going on.

Have a super weekend.

Mr Johnson and the Meadowpark Team

Published: Fri 20 Nov 2020

Amazing work from Tyne who are optimistically looking towards spring.  The have completed their bird boxes and got them in place ready for any new tenants, who will be envy of the Haddington bird population in their Grand Designs.


Esk class have worked hard on the Goat Trail project and a big thank you to Mrs Davis and the whole Esk team who have coordinated this across the school.  You may have seen our contribution on Twitter already.  Look out for it around Haddington soon!


In other news, Clyde class have been discovering inner peace with some meditation and learning all about the story of Buddha.  I wondered why they’ve been uncharacteristically quiet…..

Leven have been finding out about Japan.  They have named the main islands, the capital city and the highest mountain on blank maps (as a geographer I am very proud of them).  They had a quiz to find out about different aspects of life in Japan including food, sport, traditional costume, language and population.  They have been developing their Origami skills too!

In Forth, five students have been attending a range of classes in Knox Academy, including 2 new classes where they have achieved our first National 4 Unit Assessment passes for which we are very proud. They have made delicious chocolate cakes in HE and we have even been treated to a display in drone flying.  Exciting stuff.


We were looking forward to welcoming the Glasgow based 12guitars project safely into school this week, but given the updated guidance that affects the Glasgow area, we decided to postpone this visit.  Hopefully we will be able to re-arrange the launch of this very soon.  Who knows, we may even be able to have a summer outdoor gig.  Meadowpark in the Park Festival anyone?

Have a great weekend.

Mr Johnson and the Meadowpark team.

Published: Fri 13 Nov 2020

A thoughtful and reflective week for us all at Meadowpark.

Armistice Day was marked by a two minute silence and class discussions around the meaning and “why we remember”.  Classes produced some fantastic pieces of work, but I’d like to make a special mention of Tyne Class who made some amazing poppy creations and then laid them in remembrance at the memorial.


Esk have been finding out what school life was like in Victorian times, as part of our Heritage Hero award. A few were shocked to discover that school wasn't a requirement, and that children as young as 8 could have a (more than) full-time job!

They have also sent letters to the schools neighbouring houses, asking if they had any memories/photos/newspaper cuttings of the school, and got a lovely reply which included an old colourised photo of children working in the school vegetable garden.

All classes today are enjoying a dress down day for Children in Need and are proud to be able to do a small thing to raise some money for those who need a little extra help. 

I’ve been struck this week by the Meadowpark young people’s sense of social responsibility and civic pride.

Best wishes,

Mr Johnson and the Meadowpark team.

Published: Fri 6 Nov 2020

It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable first week for me at Meadowpark.  I’ve been completely bowled over by the very warm welcome from the young people and staff team, and I’m very grateful to them all for the help they’ve given me this week in “finding my feet”.  I’m particularly grateful to be reconnecting with one young person from my recent past who has helped me feel right at home.

I’m looking forward to a time when I can welcome our Meadowpark parents and carers into school in person but it is looking like that is going to be a little way off in the strange future that we are facing. Instead, I’ll look at how we can do something soon via those lovely virtual meeting platforms that we have all grown to love…..

Under Ms Prime’s leadership, Meadowpark has grown into a caring and stimulating provision, and I’m thrilled to be in a position to continue her hard work.   I’m picking up the reins of some very exciting and creative community partnership projects including the extremely worthwhile community kitchen growing project, the new sensory garden, and the amazing 12guitars project.  I’m a better drummer than guitarist, a better guitarist than gardener and a better gardener than cook so I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot of new skills by being involved in all of these projects. Needless to say, the Meadowpark young people will be much better than me at everything!

I know that Ms Prime was a Twitter wiz, but I am afraid I am definitely not.  I am, however, booked in for a Twitter lesson by my Twitter wiz wife so I’m hoping that you will continue see lots of exciting news from as soon as I master #hashbrowns (or something like that).

Best wishes for a safe and happy weekend,

Mr Johnson

Published: Fri 30 Oct 2020

I leave today after five years leading Meadowpark as Depute Head Teacher.  Meadowpark has not only grown in pupil numbers during my tenure, from three to twenty eight, but with involvement from a wide range of professionals and community teams, Meadowpark has increased its range of facilities. These include Art Therapy and a wide range of outdoor activities e.g. creation of a sensory garden, Loose Parts Play, cycling and kayaking, life skills programmes, work experience and volunteering. We have continuously investigated all ways to enhance curriculum links so that more young people attend a variety of subject classes at Knox here 30.10.2002