A Word from Miss Cook, Head Teacher

The timetable for session 2009-2010 begins on Monday for the pupils in the 'new' S2-4. This week I have been reading the reports for the S1 pupils and it has been a great pleasure to see so many positive reports and comments and to see how well the pupils have settled in at Knox Academy. I am sure they will continue the hard work in S2.

The examinations are drawing to a close and we welcome our new S5 back to school on Tuesday. Following an Induction Day they will be embarking on Intermediate and Higher courses. The start of the new timetable is a hectic time, but I am sure the pupils will enjoy tackling the new courses.

The St Mary's nursery class leave us today after a week being hosted at Knox. This has been great fun and the 'bigger' pupils responded positively to the little ones being with us. We wish them well in their new accommodation.

The weather seems to be improving, I hope this continues so we can hold a rain free Sports Day for once!

Best wishes
JB Craig