A Word from Miss Cook, Head Teacher

S4-S6 Assessments

Our assessment timetable has gone smoothly to date, with pupils completing assessment one in many subjects by the end of this week. Our busiest day this week was Wednesday, with some pupils completing assessments in both early and late morning, but this seemed to go smoothly. Other days this week were a little quieter, with only one assessment slot. Feedback from Curricular Leaders is positive, with most pupils coping very well and feeling a little calmer now that the process has started.

Next week there is one small amendment to our assessment timetable on Friday 14th May. All pupils completing N3/4/5 English assessments will now do so during Period 2 only (not Period 2 and 4 as stated in the timetable) and for those who require extra time, this will run into morning break. For those pupils doing English, who would normally attend Core PE at this time, their English teacher will inform them of the classroom they should attend to complete the assessment during Period 2, rather than attending Core PE. This will mean that all pupils will complete the assessment at the same time and there will be no requirement to run onto period 4. We hope this is supportive for all involved. This does mean that pupils will only be completing a maximum of two assessments next Friday, rather than what looked like 3 – a little less daunting! All details will be clearly outlined to pupils in advance.

The model SQA has set out this year allows us to be as aspirational as we possibly can with supporting our pupils to achieve the best they can through the gathering of demonstrated attainment through their assessments. This means that pupils are currently being presented at the highest level possible to give them the opportunity to achieve this. If any changes are required to presentation levels following these assessments, this will be discussed with pupils and parents/carers.

New Timetable

It has been agreed that all East Lothian schools will change to their new timetable on Monday 14 June.  S6 will leave school on 4 June, as will those young people who have elected to do so in S4 (must be 16 by September 30) and S5. We will be working with all our leavers to support them in to a positive destination. Support is also available from our Chris Trotter, our Skills Development Scotland adviser at the school.


As always with the new Timetable we are doing our very best to accommodate as many of the pupils’ first choices as possible but it is not possible to do this 100%.

Pupils will receive an email next week confirming which subjects they are being entered for. Any changes from their original first choices involve the reserve subjects that they identified when making their choices.

If there are any issues with the courses or levels, pupils should speak to their Pupil Support Leader in the first instance. Please bear in mind that making a request for a change is no guarantee that it will be possible.


Summer term reports will be issued to all pupils on the 4th June.

All pupils have now returned to school, with school now finishing at 3.25pm


If you haven’t already given us your email address (which is our main method for correspondence) please can you send this to admin@knox.elcschool.org.uk – this will ensure all information reaches you.  Our website details most of our information but it is good to be able to email parents/carers with more personalised/specific information at times too. 


Please can I encourage parents/carers to sign up to our Twitter pages, which feature all the events happening at the school on a day to day basis and also features lots of employment opportunities that advertise. Twitter is easy to set up and well worth doing as has lots of excellent links for parents beyond the school too. The Twitter Twitter_logo_blue[1]  accounts are .  Most of our subject departments have accounts too and post some useful work for our young peopls or links for them to explore. It would be great to have as many parents/carers following us as possible.

LFD Test Kits

If you wish your young person to receive a test kit please complete the e-consent form. Pupils over 16 can consent themselves but parents/carers must consent for those under 16 (before any testing kits can be handed out to this age group).

If a pupil tests positive using the LFD test kit, they and their family should self-isolate and the pupil should book a PCR test through the NHS. Other members of the household do not need to book a test unless they are symptomatic. Please also note that if a pupil receives a negative LFD test result, but has possible Covid symptoms, they should book a PCR test and remain at home until they have a negative PCR test result.

LFD test kits for parents/carers/households can now be ordered through NHS Inform if you do not have symptoms. Pupils who have consented should continue to pick these tests up from school. 

Roll out of future LFD test kits - Pupils can pick up kits as follows:

S1/S2                                  Mondays

S3                                        Tuesdays

S4                                        Wednesdays

S5/S6                                  Thursdays

All year groups                  Friday mornings

Any pupil can also access kits from the office as before, as can staff members. Current guidance is x2 kits per each collection.

Although participation is voluntary it is recommended as it is helps support our safe return to school and keeps our families/community safe too.


Positive Cases: Please report positive cases to the school by phoning us on 01620-823387. Please also report any positive cases to covidinschools@eastlothian.gov.uk or if you do not have access to email, telephone 01875 613921.Thank you.

Please note: Please do not send your young person to school if they, or anyone in your household has tested positive or has Covid-19 symptoms – a new continuous cough; fever/high temperature; loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia). Please self-isolate and book a test.

Dates for you diary:

Monday 24 May               Pupils’ holiday (staff in-service)

Tuesday 25 May               In-service day for staff (SQA) – Pupils’ holiday

Monday 7 June                 In-service day for staff (SQA) – Pupils’ holiday

Friday 25 June                  End of term

Have a lovely weekend.

Sue Cook

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