S4 CfE Chemistry

Pupils complete a series of three units of work - based upon the National 4 and 5 Chemistry Outcomes.

To assist with revision and consolidation, copeis of the current teaching materials are available below for consultation at home. Copies of the summary and homework booklets are also shown below for download / printing should you have lost your own copy.

All pupils have been issued with a Data Booklet. If a pupil should lose their copy, they should download and print one from the following link.


Unit 1: Chemical Changes and Structure

Unit 2: Nature's Chemistry

Unit 3: Chemistry In Society


Assessment Strategy

Before they may be presented at a National level, each pupil must sit and pass a written assessment for each key area of the syllabus. Each pupil must gain 50% or more of the available marks from the key area to be deemed to have passed that key area.

Assessments at National 3, National 4 and National 5 levels are available.

For National 5 Chemistry, in addition to the written assessments throughout the course and the end of year examination, pupils are required to complete and submitt a written assessed assignment. The assignment will follow an initial practical investigation with pupils then expected to go on and research the social, economic and environmental issues surrounding it. Pupils then, whilst under exam conditions, write up their report of between 500 and 800 words excluding charts and diagrams. It is anticipated pupils will be given an opportunity in Unit 1 to complete this area of assessment.


Pupils are reminded that their jotters form an important part of their assessment throughout S4 Chemistry, it is vital that work is completed legibly and to the highest possible standard during each and every lesson.

Attached are copies of revision worksheets, produced by the department to improve basic skills in Chemistry. Answers are available from your teacher.


Environmental Science

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