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Published: 18 March 2015

75 Booked and Counting!

With only 9 days to go until all the self found forms are due in we are doing not too badly at all.  I know parents and carers are working really hard with their S3 pupils to find employers and we have  wide variety of interesting and unusual placements this year.  Pupils are working hard composing perfect formal letters and application forms in class and we should be in a position to post these out soon. During these last few days please ensure you and your son/daughter are on track to hand in completed forms by 7th March (a week on Friday!)  I appreciate with  coursing, activities week and a whole host of other pressures that there's a lot to do in busy households but once the forms are all in, we can relax a bit.

As ever if you need to discuss...

Published: 02 February 2015

Forms are now available for S3 pupils to organise their own work placements.  They can be found under "School Info", using the Work Experience tab at the bottom.  There are two sides to the forms so please click on front and back for the full form.  

The completed forms must be returned by 27th March.

Published: 27 January 2015

Latest news. January 27th 2015

S3 pupils have been given their passwords to access the work experience database and they have been making selections in class this week.  Pupils will know their placements next week.  For all pupls who don't want a database placement self found forms will be available from Feb 2nd.  Helpful documents are available on the school website - hover over School Info, go to the bottom tab, Work Experience and you can view or print off documents given to the pupils.

As ever, if you have any questions, please contact me at school.


Miss Easson

Published: 18 December 2014

Pupils currently in S3 will be preparing to go on work placement from Monday 1st June until Friday 5th June next tem.  We will be launching work experience in PSE classes in January, giving pupils and their familes time to think about where they may like to work for the week. 

Please look out for letters, forms and stories appearing on the website.


Jayne Easson

Published: 20 June 2014

We feel that within the school pupils are regularly recognised and praised for their achievements and we would like to publicise this by improving the sports section on the school website.

It is our intention to write weekly updates on pupils achievements along with general sport around the school in the new sports column.

We would appreciate if you could take part in answering our short questionnaire (click here) and inform us on any other suggestions or comments.

Thank you,

Lucy Brown and Annabel Jackson (Sports Leaders)