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Promoting Languages

“English is NOT enough”
"Together we must help Scotland’s youngsters realise that “English is enough” is a dangerously misleading myth."
                                                                                      Modern Languages Excellence Report
For more information on the above quote please click on the following link to view a PowerPoint resource created by SCILT which explains vital statistics and entitlement information which argue the case for why languages MUST be promoted. 
For those of you who enjoy language please click on the following link to read a heart warming play on words. 


Knox Academy is lucky to have a long standing connection with a French school in Aubigny, France. The success of this link is thanks to the hard work of the staff at Knox Academy and Haddington Twinning Association. Each year pupils are given the opportunity to write pen pal letters to French pupils and a trip to Aubigny forms an important part of Activities week. Haddington's influence has grown so much on this French town that is it often dubbed as "Where French men wear Kilts". 

To view two brilliant examples of pupils pen pal letters please click here and here

For more information on Haddington Twinning Association please click on the following link

For more information on Aubigny please click on the following link