Environment News

Published: Thu 7 Mar 2019

Our final Eco-Week initiative is a clothing collection for Rock Trust, a charitable organisation that works with young people aged 16 to 25 who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Rock Trust provides useful services like one-to-one support, group programmes, employability training, and volunteering/work experience opportunities. To help young people, Rock Trust also provides supplies like clothing. A year and a half ago, the Eco-Committee ran a donation campaign for Rock Trust and we collected 94 kilos of donations! Let's see if we can top that this year!

We're collecting donations of clean clothes in good condition (ages 16-25/sizes 8-16) from March 11 to 22 - that's two whole weeks! And this comes at a great time because you might be doing some spring cleaning at home and realize that in the depths of your closet, you have a lot of clothes you rarely wear! Rather than send those clothes to landfill, let's put them toward a good cause! Clothing donations can be brought to Miss Laudi's room from March 11-22. We look forward to seeing the Knox community come together for another good cause!

Published: Wed 6 Mar 2019

The Eco-Committee is extremely excited to announce that we're bringing an ECO-SHOP to Knox Academy for Eco-Week! Lil is an online/mobile shop that specializes in products aimed at helping people reduce their impact on the environment... in other words, Low Impact Living. Lil champions a lifestyle that is kind to the environment through natural, ethical, and low waste products.

Lil will be selling their eco-friendly products at Knox on Tuesday 12 March in the social area at lunch time. They will also be with us during S2 Parents Night on Tuesday evening from 5pm to 7pm. Lil will be selling a variety of items including shampoo bars, soap bars, reusable straws, lunch boxes, deodorants, lip balms, and more! You can look at Lil's products on their website here, just bear in mind that they won't be bringing in their pantry items (e.g. loose food) or liquid refills. Lil conveniently accepts cash, card, and applepay. So moral of the story: come explore what sustainable products Lil is bringing in and perhaps buy some to try out!

Published: Tue 5 Mar 2019

If you're interested in reducing the amount of plastic you use in your daily routine, but you're not quite sure how, then the Knox Eco-Committee's Plastic-Free Beauty Tutorial is just the thing for you! We'll be bringing in a wide range of plastic-free products to show you how we use them and to inspire you to make some eco-friendly swaps! We'll be talking about plastic-free toothpaste, shampoos, moisturizers, deodorants, lip balms, make up remover, and much more! The workshop will take place at 1:20pm in Miss Laudi's room at lunch time on Monday 11 March. We encourage all interested students and staff to come along with your lunch and a pal!

Published: Mon 4 Mar 2019

For Eco-Week, the Knox Eco-Committee and Film Club are collaborating to put on a screening of the animated Pixar film WALL-E.  The film follows a "waste allocation" robot who is alone on Earth because it has been abandoned by humans due to the sheer volume of rubbish and waste left behind. Unexpectedly, WALL-E embarks on a space adventure that just may save the future of humankind. Intrigued? You can watch the trailer here. If you would like to watch the film next week in the library during Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday lunch times, please collect a form from Mrs. Gourley. 

Published: Sun 3 Mar 2019

ECO-WEEK - Knox Academy's annual week dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues and encouraging the school community to embrace more sustainable practices - is NEXT WEEK! Yes, March 11-15 is Eco-Week and the Eco-Committee has planned SO MANY events for Knox students and staff! Keep an eye out on the bulletin and our twitter account for all the news! Here's our first event...

Our first event is bamboo tooth brush sales! After conducting an online survey with registration classes, the Eco-Committee found that students and staff were interested in buying eco-friendly toothbrushes. We'll be selling bamboo toothbrushes in the social area during lunch times on Wednesday 13 March and Thursday 14 March. And here's the best part - they're ONLY £2 each! That's an absolute steal for a toothbrush that uses no plastic whatsoever! You won't find that low price for a bamboo toothbrush anywhere else! The bamboo is pure and vegan, grown without fertilizers or pesticides, the bamboo is compostable, 100% biodegradable, and the bristles are made of BPA Free biodegradable nylon. These really are the most eco-friendly option for your teeth! We have a limited amount of tooth brushes with 3 types of bristles: soft, medium, and firm. If you'd like to pre-order your bamboo toothbrush to ensure that you get your preferred bristle type, please bring £2 to Miss Laudi this week and let her know which type you'd like. You can then collect your fancy new bamboo toothbrush during Eco-Week! Alternatively, buy your toothbrush during Eco-Week and if you'd like to buy some for your family and friends, we encourage that too!