Environment News

Published: Fri 6 Mar 2020

The Eco-Committee's theme for Eco-Week this year is Food & Climate Change. Specifically, we want everyone to understand how our eating habits have an impact on the environment and climate change. Meat consumption and livestock agriculture are significant causes of deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. As such, adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet - even a few days a week - can make a difference. The Eco-Committee will be sharing vegan recipes each day this week and our first one is fantastic: vegan chocolate chip cookies! We promise they're delicious and easy to make! Here's the link:

The Most Wonderful Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever


Published: Mon 18 Mar 2019

The clothing collection for Rock Trust will continue throughout this week until Friday 22 March. We're looking for clean clothes for ages 16-25. Please bring all donations to Miss Laudi's room. The deadline for buying a bamboo toothbrush for £2 is also this Friday. If you would like one, please place your order with Miss Laudi!

Published: Tue 12 Mar 2019

Thanks to the enthusiasm of Knox students and staff, the Eco-Committee completely sold out of our first batch of bamboo toothbrushes! You're all amazing for making the switch! Due to demand, we're still taking orders for bamboo toothbrushes. If you'd still like to order some (you're welcome to buy more than 1), please bring in your money to Miss Laudi by the end of this week. Based on the number of payments, we'll order a new batch of toothbrushes and deliver them to you once they come in! At only £2 per toothbrush, it's an excellent price! Thanks for your Eco-Week support!

Published: Mon 11 Mar 2019

As a reminder, the eco-shop Lil (website here) will be at Knox Academy on Tuesday 12 March during lunch time in the social area and during S2 parents night from 5pm-7pm in the locker area. Lil will be selling a variety of eco-friendly products which you may be interested in trying out! This a great opportunity to explore your options and to try some eco-friendly items for the first time! They accept cash, card, and applepay. We're looking forward to welcoming Lil in to Knox!

Published: Mon 11 Mar 2019

ECO-WEEK is finally here! Last week in the bulletin and on Twitter, we told you about all our amazing events that we have planned and below is the full schedule. If you have any questions, please come see Miss Laudi. And most importantly of all, make the most of Eco-Week 2019! This is your chance to explore creative avenues into a more sustainable lifestyle! We hope to see you today at lunch time for our plastic-free beauty tutorial!