Points System - the Details


Where do I start and what Awards can I achieve?

Each pupil will start with Zero points, and will be awarded a certificate for reaching certain points thresholds:

  • 10 points Bronze Award
  • 20 points Silver Award
  • 30 points Gold Award
  • 40 points Platinum Award

All points certificates will be presented at the end of session assemblies in the last week of term.

How do I gain points?

A merit will give pupils 1 point and will the awarded for the following:-

  • Putting in extra effort in class
  • Improving your behaviour
  • Always doing homework well and handing it in on time
  • Doing an outstanding piece of work
  • Making an outstanding contribution in class
  • Doing well in an extra-curricular activity
  • Helping others

All pupils who have not received a dress code slip, a late card or a demerit slip will be entered into a monthly ‘Purely Positive’ prize draw.


Points can also be deducted!

Below is a list of all the things pupils can lose points for:-

  • Bullying
  • Disruption
  • Eating
  • Swearing
  • Shouting out
  • Laziness
  • Rudeness
  • Lateness
  • Interrupting
  • Talking over others
  • Damaging equipment
  • Swinging on chairs
  • Not handing in homework on time

Pupil points totals will be published weekly. Where a pupil falls below the 15 point threshold they will be restricted from taking part in school functions, excursions etc. Parents/carers will be notified when a pupil reaches this threshold, however as soon as we have a concern parents/carers will be contacted to work together to resolve the problem.

Continual Monitoring:

In addition the points system pupil late coming and dress code will be continually monitored. The trigger points below will generate the action outlined (NB: holiday periods do not count in the monitoring period):

Late Coming:

Our late coming procedure are currently under review (November 2009).

Dress Code:

Where a pupil is issued with 3 or more dress codes within a two-week period, this will result in a letter being sent home from the Head of House.

If the pupil is issued with 2 or more dress codes within the following two-week period, this will result in a second letter being sent home from the Head of House.

Should the pupil be issued with one or more further dress codes in the following two-week period the Head of House will invite the parents/carers into school to discuss the matter and work together to resolve the problem.