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Letters in the Last Month

Published: Fri 31 Mar 2017

During week commencing 29 May 2017, a programme of activities and trips will run in place of the normal timetable. This programme has been arranged to give pupils a choice of experiences in a broad range of activities.

Now that Curriculum for Excellence is well established at Knox Academy we want Activities Week to add value to the experiences that pupils gain in the classroom. This can be through residential trips, which many pupils have already signed up for, or through home-based activities.

For those pupils not taking part in a residential trip we have organised a series of home-based activities which will hopefully suit a wide variation in interest. Some of the activities are selected due to the interests of the staff who are organising them and some due to requests from pupils over previous years. This is an ideal opportunity for pupils to choose something outside their comfort zone and perhaps develop new skills and interests.

Whatever activity your child chooses to participate in, the main aim of the week is to help them build confidence, develop new skills and make new friends.

Some of the activities are free or of minimal cost and only those that require transport or help from outside specialists or instructors will require a larger payment.

It is expected that all pupils in S2/3 will take part in the these activities unless they have already signed up for a residential trip.

Each pupil must choose 4 activities from the list in order of preference and we will endeavour to give them one of these. They should ensure that their choice form, which is at the back of this booklet, is returned by Wednesday 19 April 2017. No payment is required at this time.

Please note that pupils below -15 points will not be allowed to take part in activities that take place out with the school.

Alex Redford
Activities Week Coordinator.

Published: Fri 31 Mar 2017

We are currently undertaking a review of our pupil support structures and have been listening to what pupil, parents and staff have been telling us regarding the House system.  As you know we recently trialled a Year Head system, with each DHT taking responsibility for two year groups. 

Following an evaluation, it has become clear that the House Head system seems to meet the needs of the pupils more effectively.  As a result we will be moving back to the House Head system after the Easter holiday. 

We will be having House assemblies after the holiday to explain the change to pupils.  It is worth pointing out that this will not involve a change with regards to who your son/daughter's Guidance teacher is. 

We have also added one of the three Pupil Support Workers to each house to act as another point of contact for pupils.

The following identifies the key staff per house.

  Garleton Lammerlaw Traprain
House Head C Falconer Y Binks S Illingworth
Guidance Teacher L Adam S Meekison W Doig
Pupil Support Worker A Freeman P Gilholm S Marnoch


Published: Wed 29 Mar 2017

The latest edition of Knox Newsletter is now available for viewing and downloading on this website in the News section: News > The Knox Newsletter.

Published: Tue 28 Mar 2017

Schools have to continually reflect and evaluate how they are ‘Getting It Right For Every Child’. We are currently exploring and developing our practices which will, in time, be formalised in policy. We will be focussing on further developing a culture and ethos that reflects the aims and values of our school – engagement, wisdom and respect. In order to build and sustain that positive ethos we need approaches and structures that can support this.
Positive relationships are the starting point for effective learning to take place. We are working towards a relational policy that puts positive relationships at the heart of everything we do. This is a journey that will see our approaches and practices develop over time. This journey will see us revisiting how we celebrate success and support and manage young people throughout their educational career at Knox Academy.

During this journey a working group will be set up to explore how we can celebrate success more effectively and training on Restorative Approaches will take place. We will continually reflect on our practice and adapt and amend as necessary, gradually establishing effective practice that will become a policy that meets the needs of all young people at Knox Academy.

This journey will take time. There are a range of areas we would like to address and are committed to working towards. In the short term, we need structures to promote positive behaviours whilst this process takes place.

We aim to involve you as parents and seek your feedback on our suggested way ahead. We have amended processes that we have previously used and updated them. The following documents outline our suggested interim approaches and structures. The Better Behaviour Better Learning Process document is written for teachers.

Please can you provide feedback on how that process feels from a parental perspective? Please can you look over the structures and approaches in the attachments and click on the link to answer a short questionnaire via Survey Monkey by Monday 4th April?

Please complete our Better Behaviour Better Learning Survey.

We appreciate your feedback.

Archive Letters

Published: Tue 14 Mar 2017

The inspection report produced by HM Inspectors following our inspection that took place at the end of November 2016 has been published today

I am delighted that the strengths of the school have been recognised in terms of our high attainment levels; the variety of courses on offer; our successes in partnership working; and the emerging, innovative practice in the use of technology.

I welcome the recommendations contained in the letter and the feedback from HMIe and have already started working with staff, East Lothian Council Education Department, and the Chair of the Parent Council as to how we move forward.  We are progressing quickly with recommendations relating to practice and processes. Other changes around planning, parental engagement and reinvigorating the vision, values and aims, are going to require more time, and we would like to involve all members of the school community.

If you would like to hear more about how we plan to move forward and how you can help, there will be a meeting for any interested parent/carer on 19 April at 6.30pm in the Hall.   I propose to hold update meetings throughout the time between now and the return of the Inspectors, and will inform you of those in due course.

I am looking at this as a real opportunity for Knox Academy to build on the undoubted strengths that we have.  This is an exciting time for everyone in Knox’s community as we now have a mandate to progress towards excellence in all areas.


S Ingham

Published: Thu 22 Dec 2016

The latest edition of Knox Newsletter is now available for viewing and downloading on this website in the News section: News > The Knox Newsletter.

Published: Thu 22 Dec 2016

The S6 school magazine team have been working hard over the past few months to produce a new edition of The Bleater in time for the Christmas holidays. To read our Autumn/Winter edition, click here

Published: Sat 10 Dec 2016

The National Improvement Framework has been introduced to provide better information about how children and young people are progressing and how well schools, councils and the Scottish Government are supporting their learning. That information will help teachers and others who work to support children and young people to understand where improvement is needed. It will also help schools, councils and national government to see which learning, teaching and assessment approaches are working well, and where changes need to be made.

The Scottish Government has published the following documents with information for parents/carers: