General News

Published: 16 December 2008

The Christmas Concert takes place on Wednesday 17th December at 7pm. 

This year we have allocated seat numbers which can be found on the reverse of the ticket, ushers will be available to assist guests in finding their seat.  Doors open at 6.45pm. 

We look forward to seeing guests on the night - it promises to be another fantastic event!!!


Published: 15 December 2008


Young people are often hurt on the road because they can't be seen clearly by other traffic. As we approach the shortest day of the year it is a time when we are reminded of the need to be seen when we are out walking and cycling. The short daylight hours mean that often people are travelling in poor light conditions, with heavy rain or mist or snow and are more vulnerable to vehicular traffic accidents.

The twilight hours - just before and just after the sun sets are the most dangerous times of all, because drivers' eyes are adjusting to the changing light. Children are advised to stand out against the gloom by wearing bright or fluorescent clothes that show up best during the day, particularly in dull or misty weather. However, fluorescent clothing does not work at night - reflective material works best and shows up in cars' headlights. Other travelling advice includes keeping to well-lit routes and crossing roads at safe places, like zebra or pelican crossings.Also if there is no pavement available pedestrians should walk facing the on-coming traffic

Cyclists can help themselves to be seen by wearing fluorescent or reflective clothes. Bikes must legally have a white light at the front, a red light at the back and a red reflector at the back, during the hours of darkness. Flashing lights on bikes are now legal and do alert drivers to cyclists more easily. They should be checked regularly to make sure they are in good working order and that the batteries are well charged.

Lets See you Go safely! Be Safe Be Seen!

Useful Web sites for purchasing high visibility clothing are: &



Published: 09 December 2008

 At Knox Academy all pupils are expected to comply with the dress code and maintain a high standard of appearance. We very much appreciate the support of parents in this regard.   A reminder of the dress code will be included with the next Knox News, however the policy can be viewed by clicking the link below:

 Thank you.

Published: 24 November 2008

Thank you to everyone who replied to our invitation to attend the above event.

Due to circumstances outwith our control this event has been postponed.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Published: 21 November 2008

Knox Academy is required to follow up any 'unexplained absences' on a pupil's record.  We do this in a number of ways:

  • For pupils in S1-4 if we have not received a telephone call providing a verbal explanation for absence we attempt to contact the parent/carer
  • We regularly send letters home to follow up absences which remain unexplained (i.e. a letter has not been received by the school office to explain the absence)
  • Guidance and the Attendance Officer liaise with parents/carers where an issue regarding attendance has been identified

We recently contacted the parents/carers of all pupils who have an unexplained absence on their record - this applies to 32% of our pupils at present!!  Parents/carers we need your help to bring this figure down...

  • Contact us before the school day to inform us your son/daughter will be absent.
  • Continue to send notes to inform us of appointments.
  • Send letters of absence with your son/daughter when they return to school following an absence - even if we have received a verbal explanation this is still required. 

Please remember that until we receive a letter from the parent/carer all absences are considered to be unexplained and may result in your son/daughter's absence being recorded incorrectly.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any queries regarding this matter.

Thank you.



Published: 24 October 2008

Check out the Homework Club timetable in the 'What's On' section ... there's something for everyone!!


Published: 22 October 2008

Following the elections which took place on Wednesday 22nd October, Kim White was elected as a Parent Member of the Knox Parent School Partnership.

At the same time, and after consultation with the school management and the other parent members, Andy Greathead was appointed as an Associate Member of the Partnership.
The relevant part of the constitution reads:  ‘ The Partnership may from time to time co-opt up to five additional associate members to assist it with carrying out its functions. These may include representation from pupils, local councillors, community leaders and others. Associate members will be invited to serve for a period of one year, after which time the Partnership will review and consider requirements for the coming year. An associate member may contribute and advise as a full member, but is not entitled to vote.’


April 2010: The Knox Parent School Partnership have moved their website which can now be accessed here.


Published: 05 October 2008

Knox Academy held a very successful Expressive Arts evening on Thursday 2nd October. 

During the evening parents and guests enjoyed PE demonstrations, dramatic performances, musical interludes and even managed to fit in time to browse through the art gallery. 

If you didn't manage to make the evening you can catch a glimpse of what you missed below:



Published: 01 October 2008

Want to know how Garleton, Lammerlaw or Traprain is doing in the race to win the House Cup?

Check out the updates on the new 'House Points' page in the 'What's On' Section.


Published: 22 September 2008

As part of the Knox Academy Combined Cadet Force’s Centenary celebrations there will be a family celidh in the Haddington Corn Exchange on Friday 31st October from 8 pm.

Tickets are priced at £7 and will be on sale in T1.2 (Miss McPhee’s room) at break time between Wednesday 24th and Friday 26th September.