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Published: 27 August 2008

The British Council have given an International School Award to Knox Academy in Haddington. The school first gained recognition for its ‘outstanding work in integrating international education into the school curriculum’ in 2005 and the award covered the period until 2008. To retain the award, the school had to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to International Education and has now been accredited for the three years from September 2008 to August 2011. Knox is the first school in Scotland to have received the award twice.

The school’s submission to the British Council was based on a portfolio recording details of seven projects with overseas schools undertaken duriung the last school session. These included a visit by S6 pupils to Sweden to participate in a mini United Nations session, Finnish students visiting Knox to talk to pupils about Healthy Eating, a Drama link with a High School in the United States and an exchange of art materials with a school in northern Japan where a former pupil of Knox is currently teaching English.
Knox has links with schools in France, Italy, Sweden, Finland and Japan and has recently received funding from the Department for International Development to develop a link with a school in Rwanda.
The International School Award trophy will be presented to a representative from Knox at a national presentation event to be held in central London in early October.

Further information is available from Martin Duddin, Depute Head Teacher at Knox on 01620 823387.


Published: 13 August 2008

The August Pack was sent to all households on Wednesday 13th August, included in the pack is a calendar for Session 2008/2009.  Unfortunately there is an error in this document, Monday 20th April 2009 is shown as being a holiday however this is not the case.  Pupils and staff resume on Monday 20th April 2009 following the Easter break.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Please note that the session dates included in the August Pack are accurate.


Published: 11 August 2008

Knox Academy’s Junior Rugby team will have a new look strip from this year, with Rhino Rugby designing the new modern strip. The strip will be on sale at Leisure Time Sports.


Published: 11 August 2008

A group of Knox Academy volunteers supported the Haddington Rugby Club Youth Festival during the summer, running games and activities for around 80 young budding rugby players. With the sun shinning for the whole week (the only one in the summer!) all participants had a great time and the volunteers were worth their weight in gold. Thanks for your support and hopefully you will be keen to help out again in the future.

Published: 10 August 2008

Knox Academy will be launching the Parentmail system in August 2008.  This allows us to communicate with parents via email, where appropriate, reducing our reliance on 'pupil post' and ensuring we are doing our bit for the environment by cutting down on unneccessary photocopying.

If you are a parent/carer of Knox Academy and you have not already signed up for Parentmail but wish to do so, please contact the school office at or 01620 823387 for more information.

Parents/carers who have not signed up for Parentmail will continue to receive hard copy correspondance.  Any items of a confidential or personal nature will continue to be sent home via pupil post or the Royal Mail.


Published: 14 December 2007

Are you a parent or guardian of a pupil at Knox Academy? Did you know that a new forum is being set up just for you! Why not give it your support and visit the KnoxParents Forum and watch it grow! More...

Published: 14 December 2007

The CCF at Knox Academy is currently enjoying it's centerary year.  100

Many events/activities are planned to commerate the centenary, including a ceilidh, a formal dinner, historical displays, and souvenier lapel badges for the current Cadets.

Knox Academy are interested in hearing from anyone who was a member of, or connected to, the Knox Cadets ... please get in touch via the school office on or 01620 823387.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Watch this space for more reports on what the Cadets are up to during their centenary year.


Published: 01 January 2000

Please download this file to as many Phones/iPods etc as possible for a mystery Saturday night activity.


This file contains short excerpts of musical tracks - no copyright is claimed.

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Published: 01 January 2000

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This is a Young Enterprise project run by S6 pupils at Knox Academy.