A Word from Mrs Ingham, Head Teacher

There has been a lot going on this week, so I’ll get right on with it:

Our S3 Girls’ Hockey squad attended the St Georges S3 Hockey Tournament at Peffermill on Friday. The St Georges Hockey Tournament is a fiercely contested event. The hockey is played to an excellent standard with most teams training at least twice a week. I am very pleased and proud of how our S3 girls represented themselves and the school. They worked hard, and ‘played fair’. We even had one player who was prepared to play in goals, even thought she had never done it before! This in itself was a reflection of the individual and team’s characters. The event organiser even made special tribute to how well our girls conducted themselves. Thanks to the staff, coaches and pupils for their hard work and dedication.

Last weekend we held our, now annual, Higher Maths Camp at Whithaugh in the Scottish Borders. Staff said that it was great to get to know the pupils more in a relaxed environment and pupil feedback suggests that it was well worth it! It's hard to find the right balance between studying and 'taking a break' but they had a number of activities on offer including an extremely fun zip-wire and kayaking experience. Mixed in with the productive tutorial style sessions they had some competitive Maths too - an unseen envelope question, Maths Relay and a tense and well-fought Padlock Challenge. Mr Tait was particularly delighted as his team triumphed - though I did hear of some allegations of cheating (sour grapes, perhaps?)! All the Maths Department (and Mr Dempster!) were delighted with the effort and motivation that the pupils showed and are keeping our fingers crossed that it pays off.

On Sunday the school’s Pipe Band took part in the Scottish Schools’ Pipe Band Championships that were held at James Gillespie’s High School. The band competed in a class among 20 other school/cluster bands in the Novice Juvenile B Marches Class. Despite being on early in the morning the pupils acquitted themselves very well and came 7th overall. They then had a long wait until the afternoon Freestyle Class. The Freestyle competition was a free-for-all with bands, singers, dancers and even a bubble-making machine! We were only told of the first three placings in that class (12 bands competing) and unfortunately we weren’t placed, however, one of the judges did comment that if this was Knox Academy’s first foray into Freestyle, they couldn’t wait to hear what we came up with next year. So the challenge is on! I would like to thank the intrepid parents who stayed for the proceedings, the pupils for their hard work and musicality and the staff: Davy Barnes, Dave Henry and Liz Woodsend for all their hard work with the pupils. At this point, I would also like to commend the senior pupils at Gillespie’s for their stewarding skills – they were a credit to themselves and the school.

Following on from a very positive and productive S2 Parents’ Night on Wednesday, I was able to attend the East Lothian Showcase Concert at the Brunton Theatre. It was a fabulous evening with a good many Knox Academy pupils playing in the different ensembles and orchestras. I could not have been prouder. Congratulations go to the pupils and Musical Instructors who pulled together a fantastic evening.

Lastly, Knox Academy S1 to S3 pupils swam out of their skins to place second overall at the East Lothian Swimming Gala this week. The S1 team were particularly strong and dominated their events, coming away with some silverware. Everyone commented on how well-mannered the pupils were, how they supported each other, and helped out where required. They could have been a better advert for the school. I would like to thank Mr Wands (Sport and Physical Activity Coordinator) and Gwen Watt (stalwart of Haddington Swimming Club and parent) for organising and supervising our youngsters.

S1 and S2 pupils should have come home with some Merit Letters over the last couple of days. Normally we would post them out, but there were, frankly, too many, so we’ve had to rely on pupil-post. The pupils should be congratulated on their hard work and, as I said to the pupils when I was giving out the letters – I look forward to giving out lots more in the future.

A reminder that we’re dressing down for Red Nose Day on Friday – details can be accessed in the bulletin. It would be great if we could raise as much money as possible, so remind youngsters to bring in their spare change.

Have a great week.

S Ingham